With the sh*t Donald does and says on a daily basis I wouldn’t be surprised if a robot clone has been grabbing women by the PUSS all these years…and not the real Donald!

Here’s some of the REASONS he believes Trump is a clone:

“The Donald Trump you see now campaigning on stage for the election is a clone,” says servant. “He’s dead, his family and daughter and wife are fake mannequins — kids fake, dead. See the skin? It’s a mannequin.”

— The red ties Trump often wears are the mark of Satan, and the president frequently makes Masonic gestures. Thus, he is a demon.
— Melania’s eyes are “robotoid” eyes. They cannot belong to a real person, thus, she is a mannequin.
— Trump’s “yuge” pupils are also robotoid, which expose him as a clone. “Not normal.”
— Trump has been photographed making handgun gestures, which is actually a sign for devil horns. “It’s fake, cloned… all synthetics.”
— Melania and Trump’s son is also apparently a robotoid as well. Those eyes.

Check out the video and decide: