Rick Ross Baby Mama STUNTING on Instagram From Millions She Got from Suing 50 Cent

Gotta feel bad to know all that Get Rich and Die Trying money went to Rick Ross baby mama…
…50 Cent thought it was cool to put up a sextape of Rick’s baby mama. She sued, and won MILLIONS.

So now she’s on Instagram RUBBING it in his face. She won. Sorry 50.

MTO reports:

Rapper 50 Cent was found liable in a sextape lawsuit against Rick Ross baby’s mother Lastonia Leviston. He eventually negotiated to pay her only a portion of the jury’s judgment – but it was still a lot of money.

If 50 still had those millions of dollars, he’d probably be investing in companies – and employing dozens of people. What is Lastonia doing with the $$? We don’t know, but her INSTAGRAM suggests that she’s BLOWING IT on silly ish.

Here is some of the stuff she posted:

Her daught got a $150,000 G-Wagon:

She bought her daughter a diamond watch and a mink: