Drake might be HALF white but he all for the negros!
…Drake recently was invited by Mayweather to attend a Trump event for $750,000 and TURNED down the offer, because I guess he has morals and sh*t.

NY Daily News:

“Amidst the backlash that began to form against Chrisette Michele once it was discovered that she would be performing at President Trump’s inaugural ball, one notable Black celebrity was fully committed to being a part of the weekend’s festivities, and another refused to accept his invitation to join him, the New York Daily News reports. According to the metro publication, Drake turned down a $750,000 offer to be a part of an event fundraiser at the Washington Hilton, on the evening of Trump’s January, 20 swearing in, despite being personally asked by Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Mayweather, who had eagerly confirmed his attendance at the inauguration in the days leading up to the historic event, had been tapped to host a celebration themed “Retro to Rap,” for the Moblze Foundation. The organization, which pledges to empower inner cities by building “Urban Empowerment Centers,” put the function on with the help of Trump supporting venture capitalist Darren Blanton. “Floyd tried to assure him that this was not a political ball. That it was a fund-raiser tied to mentoring kids,” the daily quotes a source as saying. Drake apparently wasn’t convinced.

Among the entertainers who are said to have performed at the exclusive function, were French Montana, Fat Joe and Remy Ma, and the Alex Donner Orchestra. They had also been in negotiations to have Kid Rock turn out, but he too reportedly declined.”