Since turning 18 she has COMMITTED one crime per day… and has $300K Bail!! who paying it!??

IN Only her first 3 weeks of adult hood she has done the following:

– Led two minors, including her 15-year-old brother, in pepper spray robberies in Plantatio, Fla.
– Was spotted by surveillance cameras and a former school classmate working a Pollo Tropical drive-through trying to spend the robbery booty.
– Flipped on her younger brother as an accomplice under police questioning.

Miami Herald Reports:
“Abraham, who turned 18 in January, sits in Broward County Jail on $356,000 bond covering the 10 felony charges and a misdemeanor involved in all of the above. She has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Plantation police arrested Abraham on Jan. 23 as one of the three suspects in robberies that unnerved Publix shoppers in Plantation. From January 15 to 18, four people described criminals popping out of a black Nissan Altima, firing pepper spray to the eyes, then robbing the blinded amid agony.

All the victims were women. Three of the four got robbed after Publix shopping trips.”