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Thot Reveals How She Making 10 THOUSAND a Day Sleeping with RICH Men Thru Instagram

The Instagram Hustle is REAL ....A bad built STRIPPER reveals how she's making $10,000 a day on Instagram selling her body...

Girl Gets A Thorough Azz Whoopin’ Full Of Combos, A Power Slam, & Ground N’ Pound!

Girl got Conor McGregor moves lmaoo ...she will NOT be seen in public after that azz whooping. [youtube]

Chicago Prostitutes DESCRIBES Head Game! “I lick the Azz, L*ck the Balls, Put D*ck Way Down My Throat”

.....she ain't lickin' SHIIIIIID over here. Biggest prostitute slash crackhead I've ever seen. [youtube] ...yall letting her lick that?

Goons RUN UP and ROB Dude for His Diamond Chain While BRAGGING on Facebook LIVE(VIDEO)

When...FLEXING. Goes wrong. Them 'likes' not worth it bruh. Keep your jewelry and cash to yourself and you will be ok......

Look What Kylie Done STARTED…Woman BOOTLEG Lip Injections Start LEAKING(GRAPHIC VIDEO)

See this is what happens when you want big lips like Kylie, but ain't got big bank like Kylie and...

Man Caught RAW DOGGING a Popular DETROIT Stripper in the Middle of the Club(Video – VERY NSFW)

Man uploaded a video to Instagram of him smashing a VERY POPULAR Detroit stripper..from Ace of Spades named Nona Monroe.

College Kids Snapchat Them SMASHING and TURNING UP with Their English Teacher(VIDEO)

ahhhh.... I miss being young and reckless and smashing my teachers while turning up with them at a party... wait...

12-Year-Old Attacked on School Bus for Wearing A ”Make America Great Again” Hat!(Video)

Be careful what you support.....but SMH. Kids punch and beat up 12 year old child for wearing a "Make American Great...

BALLLLLINGGG!! Drake Turned Down $750,000 Dollar Offer to Perform at Trump Event

Drake might be HALF white but he all for the negros! ...Drake recently was invited by Mayweather to attend a Trump...

13 Year Old “Cash Me Ousside” Girl is on Snapchat…TWERKING for her ‘fans'(Photos)

"She's got talent" - R. Kelly ..she twerking in her bra and some dingy leggings..smh ...Cash me ousside is cashing in on...

Beautiful Felon’s R.A.P. Sheet is LONGER Than Scotty Pippen’s Nose (PHotos)

Since turning 18 she has COMMITTED one crime per day... and has $300K Bail!! who paying it!?? IN Only her first...

New Report Says Most COMMON Plastic Surgery by Men in Atlanta – Butt Implants

I blame Young Thug. And any other rap negro that has put on a DRESS. I also blame Lenox Mall...

GTFOH! Woman Kicked Off Spirit Airlines Because Her T*tties Were Too Big!

Say she losing sleep LMAO. I'd get PLENTY of sleep resting my head on them thangs. [youtube]

HILARIOUS… Man Smacks the Shit Out of Llama While Feeding It (Video)

How you gonna just smack a Llama?!? When his cousin Kangaroo show up its ON son! [youtube]

Man Loses His Mind After Hitting a Blunt Laced with K2 (Video)

Be Safe Out Here loses mind after smoking blunt laced with K2 [youtube]

Backpage Prostitute Spits Freestyle “Imma Let You Put It In My Butt “While Rubbing Friend’s Azz!”(Video)

Better than Lil Yachty. [youtube]

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